What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy helps people to deal with a wide range of issues. This is achieved by using guided relaxation and focused attention to create a heightened state of awareness, known as a trance.

Are you struggling to make changes to your life? You know what you need to do, but something seems to get in the way? Perhaps you want to stop an addiction, lose an unhealthy habit or overcome a phobia? Reach your goals and give yourself the opportunity to be the best you can be with hypnotherapy

Stop smoking now

Stop Smoking

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Lose Weight

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Fear of Flying

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Anxiety and Depression

Online Hypnotherapy

With the advent of online hypnotherapy becoming normal over the last 18 months we have decided that this will be the main method of treatment from now on. As well as the one to one hypnosis we will also be creating online webinars, courses and programmes suited to your needs. So we can support you in the best possible way.

Create a sense of calm in your life. Improve your mental and physical well being. Change your eating habits. Stop addiction. Be more confident and motivated to achieve your true potential.


I’m Jennie Francis an advanced hypnotherapist with many years of experience at my practice in Harley Street, London.

Over the past 19 years I’ve helped thousands of people get the results they want.

With the help of hypnotherapy, you too, will become the person you always knew you could be.

Hypnotherapy works at an unconscious level so no more struggling with will power. This makes all the transformations you make feel natural and comfortable.

Committing to hypnotherapy is about you making the powerful decision to change. Hypnotherapy - unlike many other therapies - works quickly so it doesn’t have to mean endless expensive sessions. I will work with you to get the results you want as quickly as possible. Many issues can be dealt within three to six sessions.

Introducing Nina Ballinger

My colleague and probably one of the best hypnotherapists I have worked with has now joined me in my online practice.

Nina specialises in Anxiety and Depression, Bruxism and Trichotillomania but can also help with stopping smoking, weight loss and many other issues.

I came to Jennie a sceptic but after three months and two stone in weight loss I am now a believer. My whole attitude and behaviour around food has changed and I’m convinced Jennie played a huge part in this.

Tim Arthur

BBC London radio presenter

I smoked 20 a day for over 15 years and it was a huge part of my life, at least that’s what I told myself! I had tried every single way imaginable to give up smoking, and failed each one. But Jennie changed the way i think of smoking forever, in a totally effortless and stress-free way I still don’t really understand! It’s been a year since. I’ve not had a single puff nor had the desire and my life has improved in every way possible. I can’t recommend Jennie highly enough and she’s saved me a fortune too!

Bud Gallimore


I cannot thank you enough for helping me to stop smoking. As a die-hard smoker of almost 30 years, I simply did not think it was possible. Yet here I am, three months on, cigarette and asthma free, embarking on a new, healthy lifestyle. I’ve been singing your praises at every opportunity and would recommend you unreservedly.

Poilin B


I have recommended many of my patients to her and have seen and heard only positive results feed back. She has helped me and I can’t recommend her highly enough

Christina Cutler

Vibrational Medicine Practitioner.