Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Do you suffer with anxiety? Are you struggling with the debilitating and exhausting emotional symptoms? If you have any of the following symptoms, you may have anxiety. Are you constantly worrying, feeling edgy, often have a sense of dread or maybe you feel irritable all the time or have a lack of concentration. You may have physical symptoms too that can be scary and wearing. Perhaps you have palpitations, shortness of breath, you may feel jittery, or your body feels clammy. Any of these can issues can indicate anxiety.

Hypnotherapy helps to reduce all of the symptom of anxiety, the physical as well as the emotional. Hypnotherapy has direct contact to your unconscious mind and helps to stop the flight or fight reaction which can trigger the anxiety.  Once the over-reaction is eased, your mind can begin to find better ways to respond to situations and emotions. You will do feel calmer and more relaxed and you will also feel like you have more control in situations which can increase your confidence in the knowledge you are feeling better.

With three sessions you notice a profound difference in how you feel. Sometimes people have additional sessions over the following months. These are usually taken as when they are needed.

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Hypnotherapy helps you:

  • To feel calmer and more relaxed.

  • To stop being over analytical, giving a more peaceful mind.

  • Reduces and often eliminates physical symptoms.

  • Blocks the triggers that causes the anxiety.

  • Helps you have a more positive outlook on life.


What to expect from your hypnotherapy session

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