young drunk woman with curlers crying next to a bottle of wine

Are you concerned you are drinking too much? Are you unable to stop after a couple of glasses? Are you binge drinking?

Government guide lines state there is no safe levels of alcohol consumption but recommends you drink no more than 14 units a week. That’s 6 medium glasses of wine, 7 halves of beer or cider and 14 shots of spirits. If you have more than 5 units in one sitting this is classed as binge drinking.

The health risks of heavy drinking include permanent damage to your organs especially the brain and liver. As well as the long term psychological and physical damage. The effects of binge drinking can lead to emotional problems such as anxiety or depression.

These are not the reasons people come to see me to change their drinking habits. They want to feel in control. To be able to have a glass or two of wine and then stop. They want to have evenings when they don’t drink, when they don’t even think about it. So they can feel comfortable, relaxed being alcohol free. They want to know that when they go out and meet friends, go out for dinner or a social situation that they will be able to leave at an appropriate time. That they won’t be the last one and so drunk they don’t know how they got home or have black outs so they don’t remember.

There are the practical, physical concerns for safety whilst drunk but it is more inappropriate behaviour and things that are said that plays on the mind. Hypnotherapy helps to break the drinking pattern very effectively. Enabling you to find better habits. It helps you feel more confident and relaxed with minimum or no alcohol. By using a variety of hypnotic techniques I help your unconscious mind realise that a small amount of alcohol is all you need and all you want. Just one sip is all you need to change the chemical response in your brain to help you feel relaxed and lose your inhibitions.

Often it feels such a relief to be free of the compulsion that new habits begin to feel normal fairly rapidly.

Once your unconscious mind realises that it is easy and comfortable to have a small amount or to be free of it completely you can begin to enjoy life in a whole new way.

  • No will power necessary.
  • You wake up hangover free, feeling great.
  • Your self esteem and self confidence increases.
  • You have more energy.
  • You become more motivated, proactive and enjoy life more.

What to expect from your hypnotherapy session