Is blushing effecting your life? If you go red when people speak to you or you’re worried about blushing if you have to speak, hypnotherapy can help. Whether talking one to one or if have to do a presentation then hypnotherapy can help it stop. As you become more confident that you won’t go red then you begin to forget about it. It becomes a thing of the past, something that you used to do but not now. It does this by letting your unconscious mind realize that you can speak comfortably, confidently and easily. There will be many times when you talk and it’s fine. Once your unconscious has the information that you can do it safely it begins to happen naturally. So you are more relaxed and more confident become the more normal it feels. Usually, 3 sessions are all it that’s for you to be able to manage situations more comfortably.

  • As you relax the old anxieties vanish.
  • Your unconscious begins to feel safe and the blushing stops.
  • Even the sound of your voice is more confident when speaking.
  • As your worries fade you become calm and relaxed.
  • Often people become more positive and outgoing.

What to expect from your hypnotherapy session