If you have a fear of flying and worry when you think about flying then hypnotherapy can help you. Most people look forward to their holidays but, for those who suffer with flying fear all they think about is the flight and feel anxious, not to mention how terrified you feel when you are actually in the air.

Hypnotherapy helps remove the flying fear. It reduces your anxiety about flying, even when there is turbulence. You might not like it but you will quickly forget about it. If you want to look forward to going on holiday or want travelling for business and be more relaxed then fear of flying hypnotherapy can work for you.

Although the fear of flying seems real because you feel scared, it’s not true. It’s as though you’ve told yourself a lie and now your mind and body respond to it every time you think about flying. Hypnosis helps you see through the lie and helps you accept that flying really is safe. It’s one of the safest modes of transport.

I use hypnotic suggestions that help remove the fear. Flying is safe and is a place where you should be able to enjoy yourself.  By reprogramming the information you have stored away and giving the correct facts, in a way that are easily accessible by your unconscious mind, your attitude to flying changes quickly and easily. The process I use is safe, reliable and works.

  • Hypnosis makes you feel relaxed, calm and comfortable.
  • Changing old thought patterns and replacing with new ones that are correct you naturally change how you think and feel.
  • It works at the unconscious level which can easily let go of false information.
  • It works if you have been scared for a short while or for years.
  • It literally is liberating and you are free fly with ease.

What to expect from your hypnotherapy session