Frequently Asked Questions

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy changes how you think, feel and behave. It helps the unconscious part of your mind make the necessary shifts and alterations to encourage you to be more confident and comfortable.

What happens in a session?

During the first half of the session you tell me the problem and we begin to discover what you need to help you achieve your goals. We also find out what you think has held you back or stop you in the past. The second part is the trance session. A deeply relaxing sensation which enables me to guide you to your unconscious mind so it can help you succeed in all the positive changes you want to make.

Will I feel different after the hypnotherapy?

People tend to feel better immediately. You will essentially be the same person but how you react to emotions, situations and feelings will alter. You will feel calmer, more relaxed and you may notice an increase in your self confidence.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

Yes, if they are willing. There are different depths of trance. I do the techniques appropriate for whatever level my clients feel comfortable with. This can vary from session to session.