Hypnotherapy Gastric Band

Gastric Band

The Hypnotherapy Gastric Band helps the most powerful part of your mind, your imagination, believe you have had a surgical procedure to have a gastric band firmly and safely stuck tightly around the top part of your stomach.

Before the Hypnotherapy Gastric Band ‘operation’ all your eating issues are discussed and powerful hypnotic techniques are used to help you change your mindset about food so that you have the success you want. It is important to deal with these issues before the Hypnotherapy Gastric Band is put in place as this helps you make the profound changes to your eating habits. This helps you to stop:

Emotional eating
Binge eating
Eating out of boredom
Stress eating
Self-sabotageAs with every aspect of hypnosis you need to want to change your relationship with food, have a strong desire to be slim and be committed to all the alterations that you will go through as you drop the weight. Some of these may feel strange as you address the emotions you have been suppressing with food.

The hypnotherapy gastric band includes 5 sessions of advanced hypnotherapy. During the first 3 sessions your deep unconscious mind is prepared for the ‘operation’ and how you can easily and comfortably make all the necessary adjustments to your eating habits. During these sessions, a detailed history is taken about you and your food and exercise history. The sessions are a tailored to your needs. The ‘operation’ is then performed on the 4th session after which you eat smaller portions and begin to forget food, remembering only when you are hungry. The 5th session is a follow-up session and usually happens 4 weeks to 6 weeks after the operation so any adjustments can be made to the band.

To help you get all the benefits from the hypnotherapy gastric band mp3s are available for you to listen to as often as you need.

The Hypnotherapy Gastric Band costs £500 inclusive.

If you would like to book or need more information please contact me.

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