Here are some of the ways hypnotherapy has helped people

Anxiety hypnotherapy London

I started to find life overwhelming with work and the kids and home life it all felt too much. I was being snappy and unreasonable but I couldn’t seem to stop myself. I found the anxiety and stress hypnotherapy really beneficial and it helped me to relax. I also learnt techniques to help me deal with stressful situations. I bought the relaxation cd which really helped as well. I’m so much calmer now. I also find I get so much more done. I do think in a different way now, it’s as though my mind is clearer.

Veronica A.

May 16, 2016

I had been suffering from anxiety for years before I went for hypnotherapy. Most of the time I felt anxious, I didn’t even know what I felt anxious about it was there with me the whole time. After the first session it went away. It did come back again but I was able to pinpoint when the anxiety started and sort of understand what coursed it. I’ve had 3 sessions and feel so much better now I think I’ve forgotten how horrible it was. I would definitely go back straight away if it came back.

Caroline R.

May 16, 2016

Binge Drinking Hypnotherapy London

My drinking was out of hand. Every time I went out I would get drunk. It was putting a strain on my relationship with my partner who not only had to deal with my drunken outrage but was worried about my safety when I’d get home completely out of it. One of the worst things was having no memory of what I did when I was out. I was totally out of control.

Once I’d had the binge drinking hypnotherapy I noticed I seemed to have more control over my drinking and I didn’t lose my memory any more. Over the course of the sessions I could start to trust myself again. I feel so much better about myself and as an added bonus my self confidence has increased. I have been drunk a couple of times but I know I’ve broken the Bli and it’s easy to go out and have just a glass or two.

Sarah P.

May 16, 2016

Blushing Hypnotherapy London

I blushed so often at work for no reason and felt really embarrassed about it. Someone would talk to me and I would feel myself blushing. The hypnotherapy seemed to help me in subtle ways at first. I didn’t seem to mind that I blushed and when it stopped bothering me it sort of seemed to disappear. I don’t know when it happened but it was gradually until I realised I wasn’t doing it anymore. I do think I feel more confident in myself now.

Rosie W

May 16, 2016

Childbirth Hypnotherapy London

Just to let you know I had my baby boy James on 8/09/07 at 3.36am. He was 8lb 12 oz. It all went really well and once again the hypnosis worked a treat!* The midwife was very impressed she said she had to keep physically checking how dilated I was because normally ¬-she can tell by peoples reactions but I was too calm! Also when she went on her break another midwife took over and the first midwife informed her I was having strong contractions and was near to delivery but you just couldn’t tell from my behaviour.

* I went to see Jennie before the birth of my first baby. The labour lasted 3 hours and was painless. I knew the contractions were happening but it all seemed so easy.

Emma M-J.

May 16, 2016

Children Hypnotherapy London

Joe was nine, and he was being disruptive at home and getting into trouble at school. He was able to talk about how this made him feel and the frustrations he was suffering. In his own words, he wanted to ‘make things better and stop getting so angry’. He was very proud of the house points he received after the first session and his mother said that although they had had a couple of fights, in general the household was much calmer. Over the following sessions, Joe’s behaviour improved and his confidence increased. After the last session, his mother said he seemed like a completely different boy – so much happier. She reassured him that he could come back if he needed to. It’s now two years on and he hasn’t needed to return.

May 16, 2016

Confidence Hypnotherapy London

I cannot recommend Jennie Francis highly enough. Not only is she a very talented hypnotherapist, she is also an intelligent and empathetic listener. Jennie always takes the .+time to fully understand my concerns so that she can address these concerns in an appropriate and bespoke manner. Jennie has helped me enormously and for that I will be forever grateful.

Simon. E.

May 16, 2016

Jennie Francis was a great support to me in my time of need. She helped me overcome my difficulties and, while always professional, was friendly and easy to communicate with and open up to. She quickly grasped who I was and the nature of my issue enabling her to work through this with me quickly. Jennie went that extra mile to get me through my dark days and for that I shall always be grateful.

Clive L.

May 16, 2016

Exam Nerves Hypnotherapy London

I failed my first test through nerves. My driving instructor had said I was a good driver – even my Dad said I was a good driver, but I was so nervous my foot was shaking on the clutch. Hypnotherapy helped me to feel completely relaxed and focused my attention on driving well. It really cleared my mind – I was able to think about what I was doing and listen to instructions given to me. It really gave me the confidence to drive well and pass.

Lucy W

May 16, 2016

Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy London

This is VERY late but I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for all your help in overcoming my flying problem. I don’t know what you did but I’d say I felt almost excited as the plane took off! That was definitely down to the hypnotherapy because I know my normal reaction would have been to start crying at that point! It was the strangest thing but I was pretty relaxed throughout the whole flight and even found the turbulence reassuring! I welled up when the plane touched down in Tokyo, it was such an overwhelming sense of achievement. The only problem is that I now have the traveling bug and can’t wait to plan my next trip!

Nicola F.

May 16, 2016

IBS Hypnotherapy London

I have had IBS since I was a teenager, even though it was only diagnosed in the last few years. I was amazed that I felt so much better after just one session of IBS hypnotherapy. I knew that IBS hypnotherapy wouldn’t necessarily ‘cure’ it, but being able to manage the stress I felt meant I had far fewer attacks. I went for 10 sessions over a year. I had the first 4 in quick succession, and then went nearly every month. I do feel much more confident now and I even look forward to trips away – I used to dread them. I know I can still have the occasional bout of IBS, but so far it hasn’t happened and every day I seem to get more confident. I even someone realise that I can deal with it now. I do think the worst of it is over.

Rachel D

May 16, 2016

Infertility Hypnotherapy London

My partner and I had been trying to conceive for around two years without success. Then, in March 2005, I fell pregnant but suffered an early miscarriage at 7 weeks. I was devastated. I had been feeling anxious up until that time but after the miscarriage I was in pieces. We carried on trying for a number of months with no success. Eventually a friend recommended a new gynaecologist who diagnosed polycystic ovaries. He suggested a course of Clomid and IUI. I was keen to maximise my chances of conceiving with IUI and I knew I needed help with the emotional side of the process.

I was seeing a counsellor at the time but this was not helping significantly. I turned to hypnotherapy having heard that it could help in situations such as mine. After I left Jennie the first time I felt considerably less anxious. The second time Jennie asked me how I wanted to feel about the forthcoming IUI and I said I wanted to feel optimistic, even confident that it would work out. Above all I needed to feel calm. I swear that that is how I felt going into the treatment!

The IUI worked first time. I was overjoyed. I now have a 17 month son,
Harry. When, about a year later, I started thinking about conceiving again I became very anxious, anticipating a repeat of all the problems we had the first time round. I went to see Jennie and a few months later, fell pregnant naturally.

I believe anyone having to go through assisted conception needs to pay as much attention to the emotional side of the process as the physical. This is where hypnotherapy can really help. I cannot recommend Jennie highly enough.

Rebecca R

May 16, 2016

Insomnia/Anxiety Hypnotherapy London

Jennie’s work cannot be regarded high enough. Having been relieved of an anxiety issue that was plaguing my sleep, life has literally changed for the better. The pre-hypnosis nerves and inhibitions were quickly dispelled on meeting with Jennie and the 1-session of hypnosis put a stop to what had been 4 years worth of problems. I have recommended her work to countless people, who in turn, have had the same successful results, and who have also gone on to recommend her for a multitude of addictions/problems/worries to other friends. I am truly blown away by the powers of hypnosis and eternally grateful to Jennie for the time she spent with me.

Tom W

May 16, 2016

Jealousy Hypnotherapy London

I knew my jealousy was making my girlfriend turn away from me. We had been getting on really well and we were getting closer. But the closer I got the more possessive I got and that’s when things started to go wrong. I knew I would lose her if I didn’t change. And even though she would reassure me that she loved me I still felt paranoid she would meet someone else. If she went out on her own my mind would go into overdrive about what she was doing!

The hypnotherapy seemed to work like magic. I knew consciously how I should feel and what I should say but I’d never been able to do it. It was as though I’d suddenly become this rational person. I noticed how my girlfriend was so much more relaxed around me. We started to get on together and actually we started to spend more time together. I do feel very positive about the future now.

Carl F.

May 16, 2016

Nail Biting Hypnotherapy

Have just got back from my honeymoon and wanted to say thank you. It was great when my husband put my wedding ring put on a finger I felt proud rather than cringing inside. I haven’t bitten my nails at all since I saw you.

Rebecca H.

May 16, 2016

Public Speaking Hypnotherapy London

My newfound confidence has changed the way I view life and, more importantly, the way I feel about myself. Jennie seemed to intuitively grasp the things I found difficult to put into words and helped me recognise and understand aspects of myself I’d chosen to ignore. Working with her enabled me to tap into inner resources I didn’t realise I had.

Pamela P, London

May 16, 2016

Panic Attacks Hypnotherapy London

I’d had a stressful year moving to London, starting a demanding job and buying a new house. I was on the tube and I could feel my heart racing, I felt clammy and weird. I got off at the next station to get myself together. I made the journey to work but found myself fretting about going home. I found myself worrying about when it would happen again, and became nervous about going on public transport. I’d heard hypnotherapy could help. After the first session I walked out of the room with a huge smile on my face and immediately jumped on the bus home without thinking about it! My husband said he’d never seen me so positive and happy! I had four sessions and each time I felt better and more confident. I haven’t had a panic attack in months, and travel on all forms of transport and feel fine.

Stephanie S.

May 16, 2016

My husband and I had split up over 2 years ago and I had gone from being angry and upset to depressed and then back to being angry again. It seemed like a never ending load of pain. If I had to talk to my husband about the divorce I would plummet to depths of depression. It came to a head when I saw him and his pregnant girlfriend. It was like the last straw and I went for hypnotherapy. I did feel a lot better after the first session and by the time I went for my fourth session I had met someone new. I felt stronger and more resilient. I know I have learnt from my previous marriage and I also know I will never feel that bad again. In fact I feel quite ambivalent about it all now, so much so, I even asked after his girlfriend the last time we spoke. All the anger and bitterness has gone and I know I have really moved on with my life. I have recommended so many of my friends to go and see Jennie – it has made such a difference to my life.

Marta K.

May 16, 2016

Phobias Hypnotherapy London

I had always had a terrible fear of spiders, screaming for my husband to ‘get it out of the house!’, always double checking that there weren’t any spiders around and so on. Once I even locked myself in a cupboard when I saw one! I didn’t want to pass this fear onto my little boy so went to see Jennie. I felt much calmer after the first session, and stopped obsessing about them, then after the second session I actually had a little one on my hand! I showed my son how interesting it was and we counted it’s eight legs! It was amazing.

Victoria D.

May 16, 2016

Sporting Ability Hypnotherapy London

I had been playing semi-professional golf back home in South Africa and had every intention of carrying on, hopefully going professional, but I started to get a problem with my putting. In fact it got so bad I thought about quitting altogether. I tried hypnotherapy as a last attempt to do something about it. I played a friendly game the following Saturday after the first session and my mind stayed focused and clear. My putting was fine and it gave me the confidence I needed to get out there and start to play more. After the third session I was looking for tournaments to enter. I do think hypnotherapy has given me that chance to follow my dream.

Reuben P

May 16, 2016

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy London

I was desperate to give up smoking as it had become an emotional crutch. I rather reluctantly decided to give stop smoking hypnotherapy a go. After my first session, I was amazed at how different I felt. I didn’t feel the need for a cigarette when I got up in the morning, after meals or when I felt stressed or upset. More surprisingly, the sessions helped me feel a lot more positive about things that had previously been getting me down. I’d recommend hypnotherapy to everyone!

Georgina B, London

May 16, 2016

After appointment with you last week I didn’t smoke and It makes me sick when someone smokes near me. I would like to thank you, It worked straight away and I feel great! I hope this will remain forever!

Dimitri R

May 16, 2016

Dear Jennie, I cannot thank you enough for helping me to stop smoking. As a die-hard smoker of almost 30 years, I simply did not think it was possible. Yet here I am, three months on, cigarette and asthma free, ebarking on a new, healthy lifestyle. I’ve been singing your praises at every opportunity and would recommend you unreservedly.
Very best regards,

Poilin B, London

May 16, 2016

Smoking is one of the hardest habits, this was no different for me . I had tried for many, many years and numerous times . The journey to give up involved all new ideas : acupuncture , patches, ecigarettes. I had tried it all and THEN, one evening someone gave me Jennie’s details . I made an appointment . I was really not a believer . But I have been smoke free for over a month , no other aids . It is a miracle as I finally free with very little effort and cost.

Kal D.

May 16, 2016

I smoked 20 a day for over 15 years and it was a huge part of my life – at least that’s what i told myself! I had tried every single way imaginable to give up smoking, and failed each one. But Jenny changed the way i think of smoking forever, in a totally effortless and stress-free way i still don’t really understand! It’s been a year since – i’ve not had a single puff nor had the desire, and my life has improved in every way possible. I can’t recommend Jenny highly enough – and she’s saved me a fortune too!

Bud G

May 16, 2016

I just wanted to drop you a note and say what a profound effect the hypnotherapy had on me – I had actually completely forgotten I had had the sessions and had felt so calm and content for months when I was talking to a friend, who is struggling, and I suddenly remembered the hypnotherapy! How bizarre is that? Thank you so much for helping me to be at peace – It’s hard to explain the feeling but peace sums it up the best – it really, really worked!
I have passed on your details to my aforementioned friend in case she feels it would help her too.
Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart!
Happy new year and all my very best wishes.

Alex M.

May 16, 2016

I stop smoking from the first session and have never touched a cigarette since. It was easy.

Ian B

May 16, 2016

Stuttering Hypnotherapy London

I started stuttering as a child but did grow out of it for a while. Then when I was a teenager it came back again. Whenever I felt nervous, stressed or tense it got worse. Since the hypnotherapy my speech has improved so much. I do occasionally stutter still, but funnily enough it doesn’t worry me like it used to.

Thomas D.

May 16, 2016

Teeth Grinding Hypnotherapy London

I had had a night guard on my teeth for 3 years but my jaw always ached so much in the mornings I knew it would be better to try and get rid of the problem completely. Nothing much happened after the first 2 sessions and my jaw still ached almost every morning but on my 3rd session I noticed that for the next week my face felt fine and I even felt more relaxed during the day. I went for 5 sessions and with the subsequent sessions I noticed an improvement in my jaw in mornings. I am less stressed although I would have said I was a fairly laid back person before. I don’t know how it works but it has helped me.

Colin L.

May 16, 2016

I have found that Jennie has an extraordinary talent for helping people with addictions of any kind. I have recommended many of my patients to her and have seen and heard only positive results feed back. She has helped me and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Christina Cutler

Vibrational Medicine Practitioner.
Loretta Before
Loretta Before
Loretta After
Loretta After

Loretta’s story

Loretta did one of the original programmes in 2004. She wanted to lose weight as she had had enough of hiding in big clothes and looking at photos that made her cringe. She was heading towards 50 and wanted to enjoy it being slimmer.

The first couple of sessions seemed to make no impact what-so-ever and this was really fustrating as everyone else on the course seemed to ‘get it’ from day one. But after one session something seemed to click and she realised that she felt comfortable eating less and making better choices and gradually changing her eating habits. Stopping the chocolate biscuits was relief as she had never been able to have just the one.

She hadn’t really done any exercise before but as it was part of the programme she decided to cycle by her husband, round Richmond Park, as he was training for the London Marathon. Soon she needed to be pushed further and she joined the gym and got even fitter. In the meantime the lbs were melting away. The weight loss happened gradually and naturally. But she had got the fitness bug and was loving the cycling. She decided to put her new found energy to the test and embarked on a gruelling training schedule for a 100k charity ride. It was a mountainous route in South Africa. She felt particularly proud and amazed when she cycled past a group of fit young men on the road side, half way up a mountain, they had had to stop and she was still going!

I asked her what was the best things about getting slim, a slender, toned size 10 by now, and she said it was wonderful to able to fit into and to her 22 year old daughters clothes also she was now able to join in with her super fit family. When they used to go on skiing holidays she would leave the active stuff to her husband and 3 children but now it was her suggesting having a go at cross country skiing. She was thrilled to be part of this fit, healthy family.