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Harley Street BBC2

A variety of therapists in Harley Street. Jennie Francis helped a woman overcome her phobia of plants and a group changing their attitude to food and exercise with the Slim Naturally Programme. Harley Street (BBC2)


Fit Street Channel 4

With the help of a trainer, coach and hypnotherapist encouraging a people who live on the same street to be more active, to eat healthier and take an active role in taking care of their well being.


BBC London radio Harriett Scott and Tim Arthur.

Tim had been to see Jennie for a session 2 months earlier and lost 2 stone and gained a new running habit.


The Great Shape-Up Challenge

We kick start 6 readers to lose weight to lose a stone in 8 weeks using different techniques to help them.


Men’s Fitness Magazine

You lose weight by gaining a better understanding of your relationship with food by tapping into your subconscious and by retraining your brain (with the help of a hypnotherapist) to get into healthier habits.


Ham and Highgate Express

A hypnotherapist is leading the way on a new technique hitting Harley Street, which claims clients can be hypnotised thin.


Daily Mail

Fear of flying


Elle Rose Blog