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Hypnotherapy is a very powerful way to focus the mind on a successful outcome. It helps all types of athletes to be more confident, and have clarity. This not only improves their performance, but also enhances their attitude towards training and practice sessions as well.

Most professional sports people and teams use some type of hypnotherapy or NLP techniques to improve their performance. It has been well documented that as early as 1956 the Russian team took 11 hypnotherapists to the Melbourne Olympics. Often golfers find hypnotherapy particularly helpful for focusing and concentration.

Hypnotherapy helps to visualize future success in great detail, enabling the mind and body to achieve maximum potential.

It also helps to overcome mental blocks and barriers.

It improves confidence and enhances positive thoughts.

Self hypnosis is a useful way for the mind to stay focused on achieving success.

It helps to increase motivation and dedication.


What to expect from your hypnotherapy session