Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Do you want to stop smoking? If you have had enough and have made the decision, stop smoking hypnotherapy makes it easy to quit.


Hypnotherapy for smoking removes the cravings, so the compulsion to smoke stops. No more telling yourself tomorrow I quit. Stop smoking hypnotherapy helps you forget about it. The cravings vanish and you can begin to live a life of freedom. Hypnotic techniques go to the deep unconscious part of your mind giving compelling suggestions that free you immediately. My clients leave my office liberated, ready for a new life.


Free Yourself From Addiction

Research suggests that smoking is a depressant. Not only does it help to kill you, but it leaves you vulnerable to threatening disease.

When you have made up your mind and you are ready to stop, now is the time for you to book for your appointment and be healthier, happier and fitter you.

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Two-Session Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

I offer a 2 session stop smoking hypnotherapy programme. You stop in the first session. Completely free of it. There are usually no cravings and no withdrawal symptoms.

The second session makes sure that you can now become your healthiest self. By being smoke-free you access areas of your mind that help you achieve your ambitions. Hypnotherapy enhances your belief that you're completely free of it. This session makes sure the only thing you replace it with is health. Many of my clients go onto achieve athletic results they could only dream of as a smoker.


  • It stops craving

  • Usually no withdrawal symptoms

  • You start to think like a non-smoker

  • No more feeling guilty

  • Look forward to a healthier future

  • Be free from the addiction

  • Stop smelling of smoke

  • Have the peace of mind that you are free of smoking completely

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Smoking is one of the hardest habits, this was no different for me. I had tried for many, many years and numerous times. The journey to give up involved all new ideas - acupuncture, patches, ecigarettes. I had tried it all and THEN, one evening someone gave me Jennie’s details. I made an appointment. I was really not a believer. But I have been smoke-free for over a month, no other aids. It is a miracle as I finally free with very little effort and cost.

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