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This will be a wonderful experience. One that I hope you enjoy so much that you will join my regular on line hypnotherapy sessions.

I am delighted that I can offer these trance sessions to all my clients.

With all the years of experience and the 1000’s of hours of hypnotherapy and trance I have acquired vast amounts of material, information, knowledge and understanding.

By joining the membership site you will have months and years of unconscious learning helping you to achieve your potential.

 The Webinar

 Login a few minutes earlier than the webinar as you have to register. It also gives you time to check that everything is working.

Wear headphones if possible it makes the trance experience much more enjoyable.

When we come to the trance session make sure that you are either sitting in a comfortable chair or lying down. Somewhere you won’t be disturbed for the duration of the trance. Allow 30 minutes.

Please be safe: –





In fact do nothing, hold nothing just close your eyes and make yourself comfortable.

If you fall asleep at the end – that’s OK will wake up naturally after a few minutes.

If you fall asleep during the sales webinar then wake up quickly so you can join up!!!

These initial webinars will be for all my clients so you will know what to expect. These trances will be specifically designed for those that have experienced hypnotherapy before.

The Membership Site.

 I want to be able to offer regular, affordable hypnotherapy sessions to my old and new clients. When you join up you will have access to 2 live hypnotherapy sessions every month. One of these will be an extended session with a power point presentation. The other will be a shorter webinar mainly dedicated to the trance session.

The membership site will give you access to the recordings so if you miss the live sessions you can catch up with the recordings whenever you want.

There is also a forum so if you wish to connect other members you can. This is a personal choice so it’s up to you if you want to use the forum.

I am also gathering a list of some of my favourite practitioners from all sorts of well being disciplines.

In the future I’m hoping to get some of these wonderful practitioners to do live webinars for you.

It is in its infancy and I have deliberately chosen to offer this service to clients first, so hoping that we will be able do this journey of discovery together.

Why Join jenniefrancishypnotherapy membership group?

 Regular hypnotherapy sessions enhance your life. They help you:-

Feel more confident

Be more positive

Be calmer

More relaxed

Be more creative

Opens your mind to new opportunities

You discover new possibilities

Helps with healing at all levels

When you take care of your mind and especially your unconscious mind you are taking care of yourself.

There is a lot more that could be said here but I need to get this email out to you today!

How Hypnotherapy Works.

With hypnotherapy you desire the changes to have a long term affect so you can improve your life

Everyone is different – some people go into a light trance and others go into a very deep trance. These sessions are designed so whatever depth you go to your unconscious mind will accept the positive changes suggested.

If you don’t approve of the suggestions then you will ignore it.

Even though you are deeply relaxed you will be able to awake if you need to any reason. This is your trance.

During the trance state, your subconscious mind is open and receptive to the suggestions I give you, these will be positive suggestions so they correspond with what you want consciously.

You will be able to hear everything at an unconscious level during the hypnosis session even if your conscious mind drifts off, even the outside noises will enable you to relax more.

When I ask you to visualize certain things, if you can’t actually see them, that’s fine, we are all different, some people can’t visualize but they are good at listening or feeling the emotion. I use all the sensory language to help you get the results you want.

After the hypnosis you may feel different immediately or it may take some time. You might feel more relaxed or energized depending on the session.

Give yourself a few minutes to feel wide awake,