Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

When you are ready to stop smoking, hypnotherapy is considered to be the most successful way to help you quit.

Hypnotherapy helps you rapidly become a comfortable non-smoker. Change your unconscious mind and be free of the smoking habit for good.

  • It helps stop the cravings.
  • It makes you feel positive about stopping.
  • It helps give you peace of mind so you can stay free of it forever.
  • It makes you indifferent to everything about smoking.
  • It even helps you forget it.

The Stop Smoking programme costs £300 and consists of two sessions. The first 90 minutes to stop you smoking and the follow- up 60-minute session to make sure you have not replaced it with food.



You can pay by cheque or cash or bank transfer (please ask for details). Credit-card facilities are not available.
Please give 24 hours’ notice if you have to cancel an appointment, otherwise a fee will be charged

Real Success

‘I really needed to give up smoking as it had become an emotional crutch. I was rather reluctant and had little faith in hypnotherapy but knew I had to stop so gave it a go. After my session, it was amazing how different I felt. All the need for a cigarette had gone. Even when I got up in the morning, after meals or when I felt stressed or upset. The most surprising part of it is how the sessions have helped me feel a lot more positive about other parts of my life, even the ones that were making me feel really miserable.  I’d recommend Jennie to everyone!’

Georgina Bates, London


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